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Whiplash? We Specialize In Neck Pain Treatment.

When whiplash strikes you, chiropractic care is a valuable and effective way to treat it.

Treating Whip-lash with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is the treatment of choice for whiplash. Dr. Etter is a specialist who focuses on the spine and spinal injuries. Chiropractic adjustments reduce spinal splinting caused by injury thereby reducing adhesions and fixations between spinal joints.

  1. Untreated adhesions (like ones resulting from whiplash) can limit range of motion of injured joints and place more stress on healthy uninjured joints.
  2. By reducing fixation in the spine, normal biomechanics are restored which relieves stress on injured segments and provide an environment more conducive to healing and recovery.

Myofascial release is highly effective in treating muscular injuries that are responsible for the pain and symptoms of whiplash, facilitate proper muscle healing, and prevent adhesions that may limit range of motion and cause long term complications.

  1. Most people who suffer a whiplash injury are able to recover fully from their injuries, however, a certain percentage of people are left with ongoing symptoms.
  2. Some factors such as prior injury or degenerative changes to the joints may complicate and delay recovery.

Ideally, treatment of a whiplash injury should begin as soon as possible after the injury but treatment at any stage is beneficial to recovery. Less severe injuries that do not damage the joints or limit movement of the neck the treatment guidelines allow for up to 20 treatments over a 10 week period. More severe injuries that effect the nerves, discs or ligaments and limit range of motion up to 76 treatments over a 56 week span can be warranted.

Costs of Whiplash Treatment?

Time for a Visit to the Whiplash Treatment Center?

If Whiplash is making you miserable and you want to feel better, be pain-free, and have the full range of motion and use of your neck, then please call Dr. Tom Etter at the Ponca Office for Etter Chiropractic.

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