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Running Injuries - Treatment and Pain Relief

We've helped hundreds of athletes recover from running injuries.

We specialize in treating athletic injuries, as follows:

Shin Splints - Cause and Treatment

Shin splints produce pain in the lower leg following walking or running on hard surfaces. Often felt as a deep ache that worsens when bearing weight. Lack in proper footwear can overload the muscles that provide shock absorption. Two types of shin splints may affect either the front or back on the lower leg.

  • Frontal shin splints involve the muscles used for shock absorption.
  • Shin splints in the back on the leg are most often caused by hyperpronation (strain of the muscles used to stabilize the arch).

Treatment involves myofascial release (which we do!), rest, ice, replacing worn out shoes and orthotics.

Compartment syndromes of the lower leg

Athletes and runners get compartment syndrome, identified by pain, aching or cramping of the leg following exercise (usually 10-30 minutes). You may also get some numbness or tingling in your foot. This condition is usually caused by an increase in your exercise regime, but may also be resultant of lower leg trauma.

The lower leg is divided into four compartments (hence the name), with each one being enclosed in a sheath of connective tissue. If you overstress any of these muscle groups you may experience swelling as well as compression of the muscles, nerves and blood vessels within the compartment.

Conservative treatment involving myofascial release and rest is usually effective in treatment of compartment syndrome. We can help.

Plantar Fascitis

Plantar fascitis is easily recognized by the sharp heel pain radiating along the bottom of the inside of the foot (often noticeable and intense when getting out of bed in the morning). Nearly 10% of all runners get Plantar Fasciitis - and it can affect runners with either high or flat arches. Heel spurs may also occur but are not the cause of this condition (only 10% - 27% of asymptomatic patients have a spur - and heel spurs are resultant of chronic tension on the plantar fascia).

Successful treatment of Plantar Fasciitis includes a combination of Myofascial Release and Chiropractic manipulation of the foot to improve the function of the arch, with additional management involving orthotics to support pronation or high arches.

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