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Rotator Cuff - Injury Treatment and Pain Relief

Treating rotator cuff injuries is one of our specialties.

Rotator Cuff injuries are painful and can be debilitating. As active people, we tend to use our arms and shoulders frequently on a daily basis (and if your rotator cuff is injured/painful - you will become acutely aware of how much you use it!).

The four rotator cuff muscles hold the arm in proper position and protect the shoulder joint from uncontrolled movement.  These muscles all attach on the shoulder blade and form a 'cuff' around the humerus ( upper arm bone). The supraspinatus muscle is the most common site of injury and complete tear. 

Tendonitis of the muscles of the rotator cuff is common and can be successfully treated with a combination of myofascial release and stretching/strengthening exercises. 

Rotator Cuff Tear

A tear in the rotator cuff usually comes from a traumatic event (I.e. lifting a heavy weight, falling on an outstretched arm) and causes pain and weakness in raising the arm. 

- Partial tears can be successfully treated with specific exercises and a strengthening program. 

- Usually rest from sports of occupational activities is needed as well. 

Treatment of Rotator Cuff Injuries

Myofascial release and Chiropractic manipulation of the shoulder is effective in reducing many of the symptoms of pain and weakness in a partial tear.  Full-thickness tears are usually surgically repaired in younger individuals.    

If you're fed up with shoulder pain or an injured rotator cuff and you want to feel better, be pain-free, and have the full range of motion and use of your shoulder and arm, call our office in Ponca today at 402-755-4111.


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