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Myofascial Release

Soft tissue therapy to treat pain and restricted motion

Soft Tissue Therapy

Myofascial Release is soft tissue therapy to treat pain and restricted motion which uses continual palpatory feedback to achieve release of myofascial tissues. This is said to be accomplished via:

  1. relaxing contracted muscles,
  2. increasing circulation
  3. increasing lymphatic drainage, and
  4. stimulating the stretch reflex of muscles and overlying fascia.

Overcoming Overuse and/or Injury

By addressing the changes that occur in muscles and ligaments as a result of overuse or injury (a common condition both in sports and occupational situations) - Myofascial Release has shown to be a very effective technique. Other notes about MR:

  1. Minor injuries to soft tissues are often due to mild overuse or overstretching.
  2. Severe injuries result in swelling, pain and possibly a loss of function.
  3. Muscle tears can result in bleeding which is associated with later adhesion formation or thickening of tendons and ligaments (tendinosis).
  4. Muscle injury often causes stiffening when muscles are at rest.
  5. Muscle pain is usually relieved by movement but the movement can aggravate the underlying cause which includes scar tissue in the muscle.

Myofascial Fibrositis

Myofascial fibrositis is an established clinical syndrome in which the muscles undergo a cycle of scar tissue formation and inflammation. The muscles fail to heal completely following an injury, which, if unmanaged may cause difficulty in moving the joints and tender nodules in the muscles. Muscle stiffness after rest is common occurrence with myofascial fibrositis.

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