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Chiropractic Adjustments

A return to normal position or motion, helps restore your body's natural healing

What To Expect

An adjustment is involves the precise directional application of force to help normalize spinal function. Dr. Etter applies this standard technique to a joint that is "locked up" (not moving properly). Adjustments assist in returning your bones to a more natural position and allowing more normal range-of-motion. This restores your body to further facilitate natural healing.

How It Works

A professional adjustment will help normalize spinal function and restore your body to a natural state - where soft tissue and bone are less likely to degenerate. Resultant improvement of the function of your body's nervous system initializes and optimizes the natural healing process for your body.

How It Feels

After the adjustment, a sense of well-being or a feeling of calmness are reported by many patients. Many patients also experience improved mobility. Initial inflammation and/or muscle spasms may delay the positive effects for a short while. As an experienced chiropractor that is highly rated and recommended, Dr. Etter is known for his excellence in performing adjustments in a comfortable and effective manner.

Why It Works

Adjustments correct what are called 'Vertebral Subluxations' (which are 24 bones protecting your spinal cord). When these bones get out of position and lose their normal range of motion, the likelihood for irritation and damage to adjacent delicate nerve tissue increases. An initial exam by Dr. Etter is necessary to detect areas of your spine that are not functioning correctly.


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